Trans:Mission is the youth department of the West Bromwich Community Church.




1. the act or process of transmitting
2. something that is transmitted
3. (General Physics) the extent to which a body or medium transmits light, sound, or some other form of energy
4. (Mechanical Engineering) the transference of motive force or power
5. (Mechanical Engineering) a system of shafts, gears, torque converters, etc, that transmits power, esp the arrangement of such parts that transmits the power of the engineto the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
6. (Broadcasting) the act or process of sending a message, picture, or other information from one location to one or more other locations by means of radio waves, electricalsignals, light signals, etc
7. (Broadcasting) a radio or television broadcast

This is what we are all about; spreading the word of God and connecting Young People with the power of God.